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Help build the leaders of tomorrow by launching the dreams they have today

Greetings, my name is Robert Maybine and I am the program director for WMSL Internet Radio - I am here to ask you for your help ... I am trying to raise money to help support our Mentoring Through Media Program, and to generate capital for day to day operating expenses and much needed equipment upgrades ... we are forced to ask for donations in order to pay expenses to stay on the air - our streaming and server maintenance fees have risen 30% in the past few months from what they were last year... We would also like to replace some much needed studio equipment and possibly move to bigger and better facilities. We understand that in these tough economic times it's hard keep going, just to do the normal day to day things in everyday life . . . For all the members, listeners and fans of our WMSL Radio family who have been with us from the beginning, I thank you for your continued support in the future... As for others, I only ask see past your wallets and look deep into your hearts - if you enjoy our programming and want it to continue, please give whatever you can... and of course your contribution is tax deductible...

As part of our Mentoring Through Media program, kids of all ages from local area schools participate in fun-filled activities associated with broadcast media and all that it entails from programming to post production.

When we explained to them what it takes to maintain a broadcast studio with a 24 hr commercial free format - they jumed at the chance to help... 

Little 2nd and 3rd graders  started collecting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to show support. Kids began dropping off what ever they had down at the station... the response was so overwhelming and heartwarming that my staff and I didn't have the heart to apply their donations toward our expenses, but instead set up matching scholarship funds to help them further their education. Once again, we ask that you give what you can, if not for us, for them.